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Bernhard Schulz
Me under water.
After the dive.
I consider myself among the lucky ones, who could make one of their
hobbies their profession.

Ok... no, I don't work as an offshore diver, but it also has to do with
environments, humans are not made for, and lots of technology,
... the unknown that waits to be discovered...and the world we live in.

Astronomy and Spaceflight

This is the "work" related part:headknocker.gif

The Infrared Space Observatory

This is a project I spent quite some time on (1990-2002). I had the opportunity to follow a space
mission from a very early stage on, long before launch, to its end into the archival phase.

The Herschel Space Observatory

This is also an ESA mission. This time I accompany it from an American perspective. We, the
Nasa Herschel Science Center at Caltech will support the American Astronomical Community
in using this new observatory for their science.
The launch date for this 3.5m class Far Infrared telescope is scheduled for 2007.


I am working at the interface between instrumentation and astronomy. I am rather a physicist, 
engineer and software developer when it comes to develop new instrumentation, while I get to act
more like a "real" astronomer, when I  work on Active Galactic Nuclei and Ultraluminous Galaxies.

Here is a short CV if you are really interested.

This is some of the other fun:Punk.gif

Scuba Diving

Dolphin Dive Club: Our local dive club. We do beach diving at least once a month in the Pacific.
Christina's Web Page: The site has some pictures of me in scuba gear...what a sight ;-)


Spaceship One A quite remarkable enterprise in our time, where manned space flight has lost much of it's public appeal of the early days. Also remarkable considering it a milestone in powered civil aviation, that exists only for the last 100 years.
Aero  Association of Caltech/JPL
The club I fly with, and where I look after the maintenance for a Cessna 152.
El Monte Airport An airport close to my home, where we keep the club fleet.
Cuatro Vientos Airport The airport close to Madrid, where I received my first flight training in 1999.

This is where I come from...

An attempt to answer the famous question "Where are you from?", which is always a bit hard to answer
for me, since I have lived in so many places and called them home.
Presently I live in El Monte with my wife Marion. Two cats are also part of our family.
Previous homes were in:

Arcadia (USA)
El Escorial (Spain)
Katwijk aan Zee (The Netherlands)
Hamburg (Germany)
Heidelberg (Germany)
Edingen-Neckarhausen (Germany)
Hirschberg an der Bergstrasse (Germany)
Ratingen (Germany)
Duisburg (Germany)
Kaiserslautern (Germany)

Last Update: 1 Nov 2004